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Monte Verità: Utopias and Demons 

Life is a dream, a famous title of a famous book asserts. But can dreams become life? 

To prove this is the challenge of those who have lived with the demons of utopia, and who design or have designed new  scenarios often  very difficult to  be translated into reality.

This is the case, just to give one example, of the so called “green utopia”, which always comes  handy , so much everybody seems to  agree about it, at least in words, and which is  almost universally   jeopardized by the “practical reason”,  by the same people who in the meantime  allow pollutions  and disasters of all sorts with the justification  that they are, at  the moment, unavoidable.

Monte Verità has been, in the past, the magnetic site of physical and spiritual utopias. It is therefore the perfect location to dig deep into a theme which is dangerous to set aside: the future of the Blue Planet. Which is also the only one we have.

Writers and utopians have invented the invisible cities and the ideal ones. Urbanists have been called to create new cities from scratch, hoping in a better possible balance for the habitat of man.

But are the invented cities, of the past and of today, really perfect cities? And is there a way to  cope with the  disasters of the disorderly suburbs, of the sprawling megalopolis, where nothing of human worth seems to be left?

These are some of the themes that we will didiscuss in Monte Verità in connection with the idea of the demons of utopia, in the second eedition of  the Eventi Letterari  Monte Verità, the literary festival of Ascona, with sessions devoted to poetry, novels, theatre, architecture.

And, of course, to the dreams that become life. 


                                             Irene Bignardi, Paolo Mauri and Joachim Sartorius